Tutorial Index (English)

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Armholes: Armhole finishing on a sleeveless dress (Paz Torres dress)

Bias tubes: Bias tubes for the red organza blouse (embelishment)
Binding technique: How to sew a narrow French Bias Facing
Binding technique: How to sew a narrow inner facing with single fold bias tape
Binding: How to apply Hug Snug seam-binding on stretchy fabrics
Buttonholes: Bound topstitched buttonholes
Buttonholes: Bound buttonholes, another method
Buttonholes: Bound buttonholes on the black velvet coat
Buttonholes: Hand sewn (Orange tweed jacket)

Chanel jackets: The little black jacket series (final post with links to all the tutorials)
Chanel jackets: The Couture Denim Jacket (final review with links to all the tutorials)
Collar: attaching the collar (Burberry inspired coat)
Collar: collar construction (Burberry inspired coat)
Collars: Collar band (Simplicity jacket)
Collars: Inserting the collar between the facing and the outer shell (Burda cape)
Collars: Shirt collar and facings (Red organza blouse)
Collars: Collar, lapels and facings (Orwell Coat) - Part 1
Collars: Collar, lapels and facings (Orwell coat) - Part 2
Collars: Collar with stand (Paz Torres dress)
Collars: Jacket's standing collar
Collars: Tie collar on a blouse (purple Burda blouse)
Couture: Reducing bulk (Chado Ralph Rucci dress)
Covered snaps: covering snaps with lining
Cutting layouts: (Burda - Orwell coat)

Darts: Sewing darts on a dress (Burda pencil dress)
Darts: Single thread darts (Red organza blouse)

Embelishments: Organza Swirls (Red organza blouse)
Embelishments: Bullion stitch (Chado Ralph Rucci dress)

Fabrics: Sewing with silk organza (Red organza blouse)
Fabrics: Pre-treating wool crepe
Fabrics: Velvet-like faux fur (Leopard coat)
Fabrics: Sewing with velvet (Black velvet coat)
Fabrics: Sewing with faux fur (fur jacket and snood)
Facings: coat's facings (Burberry inspired coat)
Facings: Neckline and shoulder facings (Paul Smith dress)
Facings: Dress all-in-one shoulder facing (Burda pencil dress) - Part 1
Facings: Dress all-in-one shoulder facing (Burda pencil dress) - Part 2
Facings: Finishing the facing with the zipper (Burda pencil dress)
Fitting: Fitting sleeves (Black velvet coat)
Fitting: The black velvet coat muslin
Fitting: The test garment for the Unrath&Strano suit - Part 1
Fitting: The test garment for the Unrath&Strano suit - Part 2
Fitting: The muslin and the 1st fit (Burda pencil dress)

Hems: taped hem (Black velvet coat)
Hems: Hemming with lace trim (Burda pencil dress)
Hems: How to hem an A-line skirt
Hems: A method for finishing the hem/facing intersection on an unlined coat

Interfacings: Back reinforcements (Burberry inspired coat)
Interfacings: Front reinforcements (Burberry Inspired coat)
Interfacings: Drafting the front shield pattern for a jacket or a coat (Burberry inspired coat)
Interfacings: Fusible tape with chainstitch (green boucle coat)
Interfacing: Interfacing faux fur (Fur jacket and snood)
Interfacing: fusing thin knit interfacing to lightweight fabrics (Floral jumpsuit)
Interfacings: Testing (Unrath&Strano suit)
Interfacings: Fusing (Unrath$Strano) - Part 1
Interfacings: Fusing (Unrath&Strano suit) - Part 2
Interfacings: Interfacing a coat (Orwell coat)
Interfacings: Inner structure (White military style coat)

Lining: the facing/hem/lining junction corner (Burberry inspired coat)
Lining: preparing the pattern for making the perfect facing/hem/lining junction corner (Burberry inspired coat)
Lining: Notes on the hem/lining/facing junction on the lower corner of a coat or jacket (Burberry inspired coat)
Linning: Bagging a lining (Celine inspired jacket)
Lining: Setting in the lining sleeve by hand (Black velvet coat)
Linings: Full lining on trousers (pinstriped trousers)
Linings: How to sew a lining on a vest (Burda cape)
Linings: Lining pattern for a coat (Orwell coat)
Linings: Cutting the lining for a dress with facings (Burda pencil dress)
Linings: Sewing the lining (Orwell coat)
Linings: How to line a knit dress bodice (Margaritas Dress)
Linings: Underlining pant's front from waist to below the knee

Muslin: Tracing and cutting (Burda pencil dress)

Patternmaking: Japanese pattern books
Piping: Piping (Orwell coat)
Pockets: Patch pockets with corner pleats and flaps (Burda trenchcoat)
Pockets: Side-front slanted pockets (pinstriped pants)
Pockets: topstitched in-seam pockets
Pockets: Welt pockets with flaps (Orwell coat)
Pockets: Single welt pockets (Burda cape)
Pockets: Slanted pockets with flaps (Excorpion Capri pants)
Pockets: Slanted pockets with flaps and a single welt (Miss Fisher Riding Jacket)
Pockets: In-seam pockets (Black velvet coat)
Pockets: lined patch pockets (Blue Orchid coat)
Pockets: Wide double-welt pockets with pointy ends (BurdaStyle 10/2016 mod119)
Pressing: Pressing as you go

Seams: Pleather bound seams (Grey cloak)
Seams: Reinforcing with clear elastic
Seams: Back crotch seam
Seams: Binding armhole seams on a shirt (Red organza blouse)
Seams: French seams (red organza blouse)
Seams: Princess seams
Seams: Topstitched seams (Paz Torres dress)
Serger: My sewing machine (the old one) and serger, books about serging
Sewing machine and serger: taking good care of your machines
Sewing Machine: buying a new sewing machine
Shirring: Elastic shirring on the waist (Floral jumpsuit)
Shoulder pads: custom made for the Unrath&Strano jacket
Shoulder pads: tailoring shoulder pads
Sleeves: setting in the sleeves (Burberry inspired coat)
Sleeves: Setting in the sleeves on a coat (Orwell coat)
Sleeves: Puffed sleeves with tucks (Burda shirt)

Tailoring: The Burberry Inspired coat series
Tailoring: The great Coat Sew-along series
Tailoring: Jacket's inner structure (Burda plaid jacket)
Tailoring: Reference books - Part 1
Tailoring: Reference books - Part 2
Tailoring: Shoulder pads
Tailoring: The vintage Christian Dior coat series
Tailoring: The Unrath&Strano suit series
Tailoring: Orwell coat series
Tailoring: Tailoring Methods by Paco Peralta
Threads: Sewing threads
Tailoring: Soft tailoring (Blue Orchid coat)
Thread tracing: tutorial - Part 1
Thread tracing: tutorial - Part 2
Thread tracing: tutorial - Part 3
Thread tracing: The Burda trenchcoat
Tracing: Tracing in-between Patrones patterns
Tracing: Adding seam allowances to patterns without SAs

Underlining: underlining front of trousers to minimize wrinkles (Black city shorts)
Underlining: underlining pants front from waist to below the knee (Prince of Wales pants)
Underlining: underlining a dress with fusible interfacing (Burda pencil dress)
Underlining: Underlining with lining fabric (Burda trenchcoat)
Underlining: Underlining with cotton organza

Waistbands: Shaped waistband with belt loops (pinstriped trousers)

Zippers: Sleeve vent with exposed zipper (Burberry inspired coat)
Zippers: Exposed with outer facing (Yellow dress)
Zippers: Fly front zipper - Part 1
Zippers: Fly front zipper - Part 2
Zippers: Invisible zipper on a dress (Burda pencil dress)