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2014#24 – Green flower print sheer blouse – Blusa verde estampada com flores

Description: Blouse with straight faced neckline, wide sleeves and dropped shoulders. The original neckline has some sort of edge piping which I omitted. I also narrowed the neckline facings. I wanted something easy and straight forward to use this leftover fabric for, which I bought because I was quite fond of the print and color.
Pattern: Patrones Magazine nº238, model 27; though my size on this magazine corresponds to a 42, only sizes 40, 44 and 48 were featured. I could have traced the in between size (click here for a tutorial on how to trace in between sizes), but figured it wouldn't be necessary for this loose-fitting design, so I traced the 44 directly out of the pattern sheet.
Descrição: Blusa com decote reto com vista, mangas largas e ombros caídos. O original tem uma espécie de vivo no decote, que resolvi omitir, mantendo apenas as vistas, que estreitei tanto quanto possível. É um top básico e fácil, ideal para usar o retalho de tecido sobrante que comprei por gostar …

2014#23 – The flared green shorts – Calções evasé verdes

Description: flared shorts with hip level seam, slant side pockets and side invisible zipper. 
Pattern: BurdaStyle July 2014 model 112 (traced size 38) 
Fabric used: Green synthetic crepe (unknown composition but I suspect polyester microfiber) 
Descrição: Calções evasé com costura ao nível da anca, bolsos de encaixe na diagonal e fecho invisível na costura lateral. 
Molde: BurdaStyle Julho 2014, modelo 112 (tracei o tamanho 38) Tecido: Crepe verde de composição desconhecida (suspeito que seja microfibra de poliéster)
Project notes: I started this project about three weeks ago but I've put it on hold until last weekend due to some neck pain that I've been feeling. The fabric was cut; all I needed to do was applying the interfacing, do some thread tracing and stitch all the pieces together. The shorts came along very nicely, but, of course, there are a few details I’d like to point out. 
Notas do projeto: Comecei os calções há 3 semanas mas interrompi porque comecei a sentir…