Lista de projectos Primavera Verão 2008 – Spring Summer 2008 project list

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28-09-2008: Terminado o fato Escorpión e fim da costura de Verão
31-08-2008: Terminada a gabardina de organza
10-08-2008: Terminado vestido Chado Ralph Rucci
22-07-2008: Terminado top DKNY V2923
20-07-2008: Terminado o top Alberta Ferretti e adicionado Top DKNY V2923
13-07-2008: Adicionado novo projecto: Top Alberta Ferretti
06-07-2008: Terminado vestido Burda Fevereiro 2008 mod103B
20-06-2008: Terminado vestido Burda Maio2008 mod110(vestido Fórmula 1)
22-06-2008: Novo projecto adicionado: Vestido Burda Fevereiro2008 mod103B
17-06-2008: Terminada a jaqueta do Paco
09-06-2008: Concluído Vestido Burda Maio2008 mod104
07-06-2008: Novo projecto: Vestido Burda Maio2008 mod104
01-06-2008: Terminei calças Issey Miyake
23-05-2008: terminado o Macacão Burda Internacional
22-05-2008: Adicionado novo projecto: Gabardina de organza Burda Internacional 1/96
19-05-2008: Vestido Burda Abril2008 mod116 terminado
18-05-2008: Adicionados 2 novos projectos: Vestido de cetim Burda Maio2008 mod115 e Vestido Burda Maio2008 mod110
14-05-2008: concluido vestido Burda Maio2008 mod121
11-05-2008: Concluído Top de atar Burda Maio2009 mod120
09-05-2008: Adicionado novo projecto: Vestido CHADO Ralph Rucci (Vogue1048)
07-05-2008: Adicionado novo projecto: Burda Maio2008 vestido 121 e terminado o top 109 da Burda Março2008
04-05-2008: Top Burda Fevereiro2008 mod119 terminado
03-05-2008: Blusa Burda Março2008 mod107 terminada
02-05-2008: Jaqueta simplicity terminada
01-05-2008: Dois novos projectos adicionados
20-04-2008: Jaqueta cinza terminada.
13-04-2008: definição preliminar da lista, havendo vários projectos para os quais ainda não consegui o tecido e tecidos para os quais ainda não escolhi o molde.

Projectos terminados (19):
Burda Março2008, jaqueta 104:

Jaqueta Simplicity 3631

Blusa traçada Burda Março2008 mod107

Burda Fevereiro2008, top 119

Burda Março2008, top 109

Top de atar Burda Maio2008 mod120

Vestido Burda Maio2008 mod121

Vestido Burda Abril2008 mod116

Macacão Burda Internacional

Calças Issey Miyake

Vestido Burda Maio2008 mod104

Jaqueta do Paco

Vestido Burda Maio2008 mod110 (Vestido Fórmula 1)

Vestido Burda Fevereiro2008 mod103B

Top Alberta Ferretti

Top DKNY (V2923)

Vestido Chado Ralph Rucci (V1048)

Gabardina de organza

Fato Escorpión

Projectos que não tive tempo de fazer:
Vestido de cetim Burda Maio2008 mod115

Vogue 2064: Conjunto de malha Donna Karan:

Burda Abril2008 vestido 118A:

Burda Abril2008 jaqueta 120:

Patrones 263 modelo 34 (calções Sita Murt)

09-28-2008: The ivory suit ("traje Escorpion") is finished and the summer sewing is closed this year
08-31-2008: The organza trench coat is finished
08-10-2008: Chado Ralph Rucci dress is finished
07-22-2008: Top by DKNY (V2923) is finished
07-20-2008: Top by ALberta Ferretti is finished and a new project added: DKNY top (V2923)
07-13-2008: New project added: Top by Alberta Ferretti
07-06-2008: Feb2008 BWOF dress 103B is finished
06-30-2008: May2008 BWOF dress 110 (The Formula 1 dress) is finished
06-22-2008: New project added: February2008 BWOF dress 103B
06-17-2008: Paco's jacket is finished
06-09-2008: May2008 BWOF dress 104 is finished
06-07-2008: New project added: BWOF May1008 dress 104
06-01-2008: Issey Miyake pants finished
05-23-2008: Jumpsuit from Burda International finished
05-22-2008: New project added: Burda International 1/96: Organza trenchcoat
05-19-2008: Dress BWOF April2008 mod116 is finished
05-18-2008: Two new projects added: BWOF May2008 mod115: Satin dress and BWOF May2008 mod110: Yellow dress
05-14-2008: Dress BWOF May2008 mod121 is finished
05-11-2008: Top BWOF May2008 mod120 is finished
05-09-2008: New project added: CHADO Ralph Rucci dress (Vogue1048)
05-07-2008: new project added (dress May2008 BWOF mod120) and top March2009 mod109 is finished
05-04-2008: Top BWOF February2008 mod119 is finished
05-03-2008: Wrap-over blouse BWOF March2008 mod107 is finished
05-02-2008: Simplicity Jacket is finished
05-01-2008: Two new projects were added: B0508_top120 and V2064
04-20-2008: Gray jacket is finished.
04-13-2008: First draft of this list; there are many projects in my wish list for which I didn't find the right fabric yet.

Completed projects (19):
March2008 BWOF jacket 104

Simplicity 3631 Jacket

Wrap-over blouse BWOF March2008 mod107

February2008 BWOF top 119A

March2008 BWOF top 109

May2008 BWOF top 120

May2008 BWOF dress 121

April2008 BWOF dress 116

Jumpsuit from Burda International

Issey Miyake pants

May2008 BWOF dress 104

Paco's jacket

May2008 BWOF dress 110 (The Formula 1 dress)

Feb2008 BWOF dress 103B

Top by Alberta Ferretti

Top by DKNY (V2923)

Chado Ralph Rucci dress (V1048)

Organza trench coat

Ivory suit ("Traje Escorpion")

Projects that weren't made (there was no time):
BWOF May2008 mod115: Satin dress

Vogue 2064: Donna Karan's knit ensemble:

April2008 BWOF dress 118A:
April2008 BWOF jacket 120:

Patrones n263 model 34 (Sita Murt shorts)


Ann Made Studio said...

What a great list.I love many of your choices and some are on my list too :)
Beautiful fabrics!

Shannon said...

Ooo that list of projects looks amazing - can't wait to see them come out of your sewing room!

Ana Carina said...

Que "grande" lista de projectos!!!
Gosto de todos os modelos que vais fazer, especialmente a jaqueta da Burda Abril 2008 (preto riscas brancas) e o conjunto jaqueta e calções pirata da patrones de Janeiro 2008.
Vão ficar-te lindamente!!!

Bom trabalho e Beijinhos

Claudia said...

Such a great variaty of patterns and fabric! I admire your sensibility for fashion! In Germany the summer is far away, I think you already have the sunshine for this great fashion?
Best regards from

Alexandra said...

What a great list! I love how you put it all together, like a story board.

Celina said...

Bem, que lista enorme! Como sempre, vais ter tudo pronto em menos de nada. Alguns dos modelos mais simples da Burda também me estão debaixo de olho...
Uma pergunta, o tecido da Simplicity 3631 B é algodão piqué? Vi esse tecido à venda Na Ponta d'Agulha!

Summerset said...

I love your choices! Those Sita Murt shorts from Patrones are on my summer list, too! I'm making mine in white.

Anonymous said...

your fabric choices are awesome!

loopylulu said...

This is a really good organization idea. I normally just start a project and half way through I find out I'm missing this or that and it just makes the whole process less streamlined and takes much longer. I think I will try this for my summer sewing too.

Adrienne said...

Can't wait to see it all come together!!!! Love your fabric!

ceregana said...

WOW! Such a long list! And really pretty stuff in there. I make such long lists myself and they tend to expand! Good luck and happy sewing!

Tany said...

Claudia: Thank you! The weather has been crazy around here: some days it feels like spring/summer, other days it rains a lot with strong winds... In spite of this I decided to start on my spring/summer wardrobe early this year, or else I won't have the time to finish most of the garments I intend to make!

Summerset: In fact I picked the shorts inspired by one of the items in your SWAP, the denim shorts! I remembered how much I love shorts!(the fabric I'm showing in the picture is red linen, a remnant from last year)!

Obrigada a todas pela visita e comentários!
Thank you all for visiting and nice comments!

Celina: Obrigada! Sim, é piqué! É um tecido que gosto muito, por se adaptar bem a modelos estruturados e alguns estilos anos 60! Aqui só consegui encontrar em branco e café com leite!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

It is going to be interesting watching all of this turn into actual garments! I especially can't wait to see what you do with the Simplicity 3631 jacket!

Vicki said...

So many gorgeous garments on your list...and so many that I would like to make myself!

With my party dress I didn't realise that it was the same as your striped dress - silly me. I wrote the review on PR and then had a look to see who else had written a review and I saw it was you! I will re read your work on it before I make a second one. I will make a work version since I have gone to so much trouble with the fit.

Lori said...

What a fun to see your patterns and fabrics. I am hoping to make a jacket from the Sew Stylish pattern and the dress from BWOF.

Sigrid said...

Great choice Tany, and quite a long list too. The Burda jacket is on my wish list too. Like the others I'm looking forward to your sewing it all up.

Anonymous said...

You have made so many beautiful garments. How do you wear them all?! Do you have to give some away?

Katrin said...

Hello Tany,

beautiful selection, pattern and fabrics! You have such a great sense of style and fashion - I am really looking forward to your projects.

Regards and hugs from Aachen,

Tany said...

Carolyn: My plans for the Simplicity jacket are quite straight forward! I'll be using white cotton pique and if I don't find a set of outstanding buttons (the kind that make me feel like they were made for this garment), I'll use big self-fabric covered ones. I'm trying to figure out a way of wearing this jacket unbuttoned, so I might use a large elastic casing on the waist instead of the belt. And, of course, it will be fully lined! Thank you for your most welcome visit!

Vicky: I remember I did a muslin so I could perfect the fit on that dress, but all I had to do was some minor adjustments at the side seams... I still wear that dress a lot!

Sigrid: I agree, this is a long list, and I'm a slow sewer! ANd this is only my preliminary draft, because I have quite a few fabrics waiting for the right project! And there's yet the upcoming BWOF, which looks great by the preview, also some japanese patternmaking books that have been inspiring... Oh well, less talk and more sewing!

Anonymous: I wear all the garments I make, some of them I made quite a few years ago (this would make a good post, by the way), and I still like to wear them. When I don't wear them anymore I send them to my sister's, to be carefully stored away (she has plenty of free space!). I find it very hard to give away any garment that I make. I did it a couple of times, but I gave them away to very dear friends, people that understand their value to me.

Again, thank you all so much for your lovely comments!

Ana Carina said...

Tany, eu compreendo-te perfeitamente!
As roupas feitas por ti têm um valor incalculável!!!
Lá em casa é igual! Mesmo aquelas que já não visto, não consigo dar a ninguém...

Tany said...

Ana Carina: Exactamente! Só de pensar em dar as roupas que faço a alguém que depois não lhes dá valor, fico doente! De momento o meu problema é mesmo espaço, senão fazia uma espécie de museu com as minhas roupas todas! A sério, algumas delas até tenho vontade de fazer outra vez!

Elaray said...

Wow! You're going to be busy! I particularly like your plans for Burda International 2/96 Model 915.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Tany.- preciosos proyectos todos. Me alegra mucho saber que confeccionaras el modelo de mi chaqueta....uff. que honor. gracias. Parece una tela muy bonita con bordado, verdad?... Me encantan estos pantalones de Miyake y el color azul para la chaqueta Burda 120. Ah... y la famosa chaqueta Simplicity tantas veces repetida a traves de muchos blogs, en piqué blanco, muy veraniega y ponible. Solo falto yo por hacerla....uhmmm. Ya me dirás como consigues estos patrones Simplicity, gracias. Un fuerte abrazo para tí y mis mejores deseos para todos estos proyectos. Paco

Anonymous said...

Grande lista! Por onde vais começar? Tens ai alguns projectos que são bastante simples de fazer, mas que adorei!



Anonymous said...


Reading your blog and seeing your sewing expertise, gives me such inspiration to sew more and push myself to try harder patterns.

Where do you have room in your closet for all those wonderful clothes you sew???


Tany said...

Amy: Thank you so much for your input, it moves me forward while I'm going through some difficult moments in life.

I don't have enough room!!! I am taking a few garments into my sister's house for being stored away, or else I don't get enough space for my new clothes!!

Ana Carina said...

Adorei o tecido para o modelo 121 da Burda Maio2008. Está mesmo dentro da linha dos modelos Gucci que apresentei...nas mesmas cores!

Bem giros os novos projectos da lista (que estás sempre a aumentar!).


Tany said...

Ana Carina: Obrigada! E aqui não está tudo... Ainda hoje comprei mais tecidos, incluindo um linho turquesa! Haja tempo para fazer tudo! Beijinhos!

Anonymous said...

Bem, estou super curiosa para ver tudo feito. A lista está por ordem de execução? O top que estas a fazer agora deve ficar um espanto.



Tany said...

Obrigada Mónica! Os projectos não se encontram por ordem de execução, mas no ficnal vão ser agrupados por paletes de cores, tipo conjuntos básicos dentro de uma palete que podem ser coordenados entre si. Beijinhos!

Anonymous said...

Já andava cá a ver a tua lista à algum tempo, para saber qual o proximo preojecto. As calças parecem-me uma boa escolha e acho que rapidamente as terás prontas.



PS- Adoro a cor do tecido!

Ana Carina said...

Estou ali a ver o tal tecido que me falaste por mail...em tons de branco, preto e verde esmeralda!

É mesmo lindo! E é verdade que são cores pouco habituais! Vai ficar muito giro no modelo 103B 02/2008.

Estás sempre cheia de projectos!


Anonymous said...

Este vestido que estas a fazer agora é um modelo novo, não me lembro de o tre visto cá antes. Vai ficar bem giro!



Anonymous said...

Já me perguntava quando irias fazer este vestido! É um dos que mais gosto! Sei que vai ficar um espanto e já estou curiosa para o ver.