A Colecção Extravagância Cor-de-Laranja - The Orange Extravaganza Collection

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Aqui têm algumas combinações possíveis deste conjunto, que recolhi durante a semana:

Jaqueta de xadrez, calças de xadrez estilo masculino e camisa de mangas tufadas:

Jaqueta de xadrez e saia de xadrez (aqui conjugados com elementos em cinza, como o top de gola alta, os colants e as caneleiras):

A saia e a camisa:

Aqui com o colete de tricô:

As calças, a camisa e a jaqueta de tweed laranja:

Uma foto da jaqueta laranja com calças e top cinza:

Há muitas mais combinações possíveis, por exemplo combinações com preto, que ficam muito bem com os elementos deste conjunto. Espero que tenham gostado!

Entretanto já terminei o primeiro elemento da Colecção Neo-Punk Britânico! Vou ver se tenho tempo de o publicar ainda hoje!

Here are some of the possible combinations using garments from the Orange Extravaganza Collection:

Plaid jacket, plaid masculine style pants and puffed sleeve blouse:

Plaid jacket and plaid skirt (here worn with anthracite elements: turtleneck, opaque pantyhose and ankle warmers):

The skirt and the blouse:

Worn with the shawl collar vest:

The pants, the blouse and the orange tweed jacket:

Another possible outfit with the orange tweed jacket (anthracite turtleneck and pants):

The combinations are endless and there’s no time to get them all! Besides coordinating with anthracite grey, these elements also look very good worn with black. I hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I did!

In the meanwhile I’ve finished the first element of the British Neo-Punk collection and I plan on posting it today, so stay tuned!


Lisette M said…
Bellisima!Que coleccion mas linda! Que bien te coordinan la chaqueta con los pantalones de cuadros, con que cuidado debes haber cortado las piezas. Mi favorito, si me obligas a escoger, es la chaqueta naranja. Disfruta tus creaciones!
Very beautiful! And it suits you so well! Great work.
Maja said…
Tany, you are my idol! I love your style and I won't even mention the superb quality of your garments, both sewn and knitted! I *love* your collection and I can't wait to see the Neo-Punk one.
Amanda S. said…
WOW! These pieces are awesome! You really stepped it up by doing a whole collection. I'll have to give that a try someday.
Rachel said…
I just love everything. You have a wonderful fashion sense and the orange looks great on you. I love your website. I love the detail that you put into it and the way the you share each step of each project that you do.
Bunny said…
Awesome collection! Your work is incredible.
Celina said…
Espectacular, uma autêntica colecção exclusiva. Como dizes, as combinações ainda aumentarão se usares peças "exteriores" ao conjunto... Gosto particularmente do conjunto jaqueta e saia xadrez, e da jaqueta tweed, claro!
O que me fascina mais ainda, não me canso de dizer, é o tempo de fazeres isso tudo (eu nem para ir aos saldos...) Fantástico trabalho! Mal posso esperar para ver as peças da nova colecção!
Tany - it's a beautiful wardrobe and the pieces work so well with each other! I love the versatility of it and how it will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze!
Nancy K said…
Fabulous wardrobe! What great pieces and the versatility is enormous. Brava!
Vicki W said…
It's a beautiful collection!
Ana's Closet said…
Adoro a coleção! Ficou tudo super bem feito e combina tudo na perfeição!

Berry said…
Wow you made a tremendous job ! What a beautiful collection, Tany. Bravo!
Lori said…
Beautiful wardrobe pieces, they all look fantastic.
Ana Carina said…
Bem...isto é que eu chamo de "guarda-roupa inteligente" ou seja, conseguir o máximo de combinações possíveis conjugando umas peças com as outras. Eu própria faço o mesmo com os meus fatos!

Adoro o conjunto de xadrez com a camisa cinza (estou a reparar nas caneleiras, acho que vai virar tendência!). A saia é mesmo muito gira.

Parabéns Tany por esta tua colecção que é mesmo muito bonita.

Claudine said…
Wow, beautiful work! Very impressive.
Geri said…
Tany it is just perfect! I love the most your first suit variation - it is so funky!
Tany, this collection is truly beautiful. It's amazing the number of outfits you can make up, and they all look absolutely stunning! I wear a uniform to work every day, but if I had to wear civilian clothes I would truly do as you are doing and make up collections. It's brilliant!
Vicki said…
What fun you get now to wear them all! Beautiful work. Thanks for showing us.
Anonymous said…
Awesome collection! You look great in each piece.

Angie R.
Els said…
Fantastic versatile wardrobe.
anita said…
Beautiful job on creating your Orange Extravaganza collection! All the pieces are so stylish and versatile!
Adriana B. said…
How beautiful! All very thought through and impeccably executed!
senaSews said…
I love the whole collection. Great choice of fabrics and colors! Bravo, Tany!
madhatter said…
the collection is great, and you look beautiful in every single piece/combination!
now... tell me... how did you PLAN this? think it might be interesting to see how you plan your collections! do you use a kind of storyboard or something? share you secret! ;)
Alexandra said…
Love love love! All of it! Absolutely gorgeous!
Josie said…
You look amazing in every outfit. So stylish! Not to mention your fantastic workmanship on every garment.
Summerset said…
What an amazing collection! You look terrific in each combination and I'm sure there are many more combinations you can make with the pieces.
Nina said…
Tany, your collection is absolutely gorgeous. In every way!
Isabelle said…
Dear Tany...
The fabulosity of your whole collection leaves me at a loss for words!! It is amazing... Amazing!

Bravo, ma belle ! Gros bisous à toi.
Adrienne said…
You look STUNNING!!!
Meg said…
I am almost to embarassed to post my sewing when I see yours.... LOL
Eden said…
Olá Tany.
Obrigada pela dica do "cast-on" circular.
Bem, tem aqui uma colecção belíssima com tantas combinações! Adorei. Gostei imenso da saia de xadrez, tem um corte invulgar e assenta muito bem! Resumindo, gostei de tudo!!!
Parabéns pelo talento e pelo fantástico trabalho!
Tany said…
Obrigada a todas pelos comentários!
Thank you all for your compliments!
Gracias a todos por su comentario!

Katrin (Madhatter): Well, this was my first "collection" and I started by the fabrics actually; from them I came up with the theme and then I began to sort my patterns/magazines looking for adequate models. I made a word document with the "best candidates" and the notions list for each one. This plan was very dynamic because I wanted to be able to change my mind if I saw something that would drive me into something different from my original plan. That's why I don't publish my "list" of models for each collection, I prefer to work on it as I go, starting from a pile of fabrics and following a concept.
paco peralta said…
((( MAMMA MIA )))).... que más puedo decir. Solamente desearte que disfrutes de todas estas prendas y darte las gracias por mostrar todos los pasos de la confección. Besos querida.

Mamã Martinho said…
As combinações são espetaculares! Ficas com uma série enorme de conjuntos.


KayB said…
Well, with 35 comments, I surely leaving a 36th, telling you that this combi is a stunner, so versatile and stunning......congrats!
Cafe Couture said…
Tany thank you for dropping the comment on my coat. I was looking at your latest creations and I 'm in total admiration of this outfit you made. Especially the jacket and skirt one. These are clothes you're certainly going to wear often cause they suit you so well.
uma coleçao fantastica,que tens varias opçoes de combinaçao!
gosto especialmente de te ver com a saia cinto largo,botas!
perfeito Tany

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