Costura 2006: Uma camisa rasgada - 2006 Sewing Projects: The Ripped Organza Blouse

Estas são as duas únicas fotos da blusa em organza vermelha sem o rasgão que fiz da primeira vez que a usei. As fotos foram tiradas com o telemóvel, daí a falta de qualidade e a cor adulterada (a camisa é vermelho vivo, embora não pareça nas fotos).
These are the only two photos where this blouse shows without damage. They were taken with my cell phone so don't expect much quality (the blouse's true color is bright red and the picture doesn't show that).

Vejam o post Novos Tecidos e Futuros Projectos para saber mais sobre esta blusa.
Click on Spring fabric hunting and future projects in mind to know more about the pattern.

Houve várias coisas que correram mal quando fiz esta camisa; era a primeira vez que trabalhava com este tipo de tecido, e também a primeira vez que tentava usar a minha corta-e-cose acabada de comprar. Por esse facto as costuras não ficaram perfeitas, os acabamentos em geral poderiam ter sido muito melhorados se já tivesse alguma experiência em lidar com este tecido.
There were several things that went wrong when I was making this blouse; this was my first time sewing organza and also my first attempt to use my new serger. The seams weren't as well finished as I would like them to be and I think I can do a much better job if I make this shirt again.

Reparem nos feitios feitos com tubinhos de tecido; estes tubinhos são feitos com tiras cortadas em viés, dobradas em dois e cosidas ao longo do comprimento; depois são viradas com a ajuda de uma agulha de tricô e rematadas nas pontas; com a camisa no manequim, prendi as tirinhas com alfinetes e depois cosi-as à mão à camisa, pelo lado do avesso.
Note the embellishment made from little bias tubes; first I cut several organza bias stripes, folded them lengthwise and stitched along the edge; I turned them over using a knit hooked needle. I stitched these bias tubes to the sleeves before closing their seams; the body was another story: I wanted to know exactly where to place them, so I finished the body first and dressed the dressform with it; I pinned the tubes on the blouse very carefully and then I hand stitched them on the wrong side of the blouse.

Apesar de todas as dificuldades, a camisa ficou muito bem e gostei muito de me ver com ela. Guardei-a para estrear numa ocasião especial, por isso ficou guardada durante algum tempo… Lembro-me perfeitamente do dia em que a usei pela primeira (e única) vez: foi no dia a seguir a ter recebido a notícia da minha promoção a quadro superior (penso que já vos contei que tirei o curso como trabalhador-estudante e que só o terminei em Junho do ano passado). A camisa pelo seu tom vivo fica muito bem com gangas e foi assim que me vesti, corsários de ganga, top de alcinhas vermelho e a camisa. Senti-me mesmo bem nesse dia, bem, pelo menos até a altura em que rasguei a camisa… Foi quando guardava os sacos de mercearia no fundo da mala do carro; ao alcançar o fundo da mala num movimento brusco senti um rasgão nas costas e imediatamente soube que a camisa estava irremediavelmente estragada… O que me passou na cabeça na altura não consigo descrever; só vos digo que não toquei na máquina de costura durante algumas semanas. A camisa, escondi-a longe da vista no fundo do guarda-fatos e só recentemente a fui buscar porque resolvi fazê-la outra vez, desta vez com outro tipo de cuidados mais adequados ao tecido. Infelizmente a organza vermelha tinha esgotado, por isso a próxima versão desta camisa será em castanho dourado.
Apart from all the difficulties, this blouse turned really well, I really liked to see myself in it. I saved it for an especial occasion and that occasion came last year when I was promoted. I remember exactly what I was wearing on that day: blue jeans, a red tank top and this blouse; I was feeling great, at least until the time when I was reaching to the bottom end of my trunk with some heavy bags of groceries in both hands. The sound of ripping made me freeze… I think most of you can imagine what was going on in my mind then. When I got home, in tears, I hid the blouse away and I was unable to sew for several weeks. It was only recently that I felt capable of looking at it again and then I decided to make another one, as soon as I could. The red organza was out of stock so golden brown it will be.

Logo à noite (depois de ganhar coragem) vou tirar algumas fotos à camisa para poderem ver melhor a cor e o rasgão (quem for sensível a acidentes em peças costuradas por si próprio, não veja estas fotos porque causam depressão).

Later in the evening I'll take some more shots of the ripped blouse so you can see the damage and its true color (I'll update this blog entry). I must warn you: you may feel depressed just by looking at the pictures.

Como prometi, aqui estão as fotos que falam por si (excepto talvez a terceira, que tenta evidenciar os pontos feitos à mão no avesso da camisa).
As promised; the photos are self explanatory (except maybe the third one: I'm trying to show you the wrong side of the blouse where the handstitches are visible).

Para quem perceber Inglês, gostava que lessem este texto da Lisa (do blog Blackwater Park) onde ela expõe muito do que estou a sentir neste momento. Obrigada às amigas que deixaram palavras de conforto. Fiquem bem e não deixem que estas imagens vos deprimam.

Lisa at Blackwater Park wrote a few lines that mirrour most of my feelings at this moment. It's very worth reading. Thank you all for your visit and comforting words.


LMH said…
Poor blouse; how sad that must have been & how dreadful to hear the sleeve rip. Maybe you'll like the new one better than the original? (like I like the new version of my coat better than the one I ruined) Fingers crossed, anyway.
Sharon said…
Oh, such a beautiful blouse! No wonder your heart stopped when you heard it rip. At least you kept it - I would have tossed it out. I bet your new one will be even more beautiful than the original!
Mamã Martinho said…
Que pena, a blusa era mesmo linda!


KayBee said…
Ouch... that must have hurt badly. Kudos to you for trying it again. BTW, love the design.
Belinda said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous blouse! How sickening to hear that ripping sound in such a work of art. I hope your next blouse is even more beautiful!
Linda said…
What a beautiful blouse. The time you spent perfecting the added touches and making it special, I would feel heart sick as well. Hopefully you can salvage something new from this lovely fabric.
Anonymous said…
A gorgeous blouse and the embellishments using the bias tubes made it to a one of a kind. I can feel the pain when you heard that snapping noise. I had the same disaster with a polyester organza blouse a few years ago, and promised myself never to use polyester organza again for a garment. Silk organza is much more stronger to work with.
stacy said…
Oh no!!!! I can imagine the pain you felt when this happened. The shirt still absolutely beautiful.
Marita said…
The blouse is adorable!!!!
Tany please don't worry about it too much it's past history and you can always redo it, have you thought about making it from some stretchy silkvoile or some other stretchy material, it would also look good in matte/shiny combo, like poplin/satin.

Your coat is coming along fine, you are very talented lady, keep doing what you do, I enjoy terribly following up the making of it.
Happy sewing hours to you:-)
Tany said…
Thank you all...
Els: I've been trying to find silk organza locally... I've looked everywhere and nothing... Maybe I can purchase it online. Thank you for your good advice :).
Belinda: Welcome to Couture et Tricot!
filomena said…
Realmente é belíssima a tua blusa, vais que a nova versão não lhe vai ficar atrás ;o)
toya said…
gosh Tany, I know the feeling, it doesn't matter what it is, if its handmade, it makes me sick to my stomach if anything happen to it, its a very beautiful top and I can wait to see the new version of it, everything happens for a reason,, this time it will be even better
Mamã Martinho said…
Bem, pensa que a segunda que farás ficará muito bem, tão bem como a vermelha!



PS- Eu sei que vais acabar por transformar em algo muito giro também!

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