SoChicBox indigo Léo Top plus a pair of matching shorts (BurdaStyle 2013/02 mod102)
EN Summary: Catching up on my makes after a short hiatus: this is a SoChicBox Léo sewing kit (indigo cotton fabric included), shown together with BurdaStyle2013-02 mod102 shorts, made with the kit's remnant fabric. Keep reading for more details.
PT Sumário: Tentando recuperar o tempo perdido sem escrever nada por aqui, hoje vou mostrar o top Léo em azul indigo (kit de costura SoChicBox) e uns calções que fiz a condizer com o sobrante de tecido (molde da revista BurdaStyle 2013/02, modelo 102). Continuem a ler o artigo completo

EN: I made several Léo top SoChicBox kits (click on the label le514 and scroll down past this article to read all the previous reviews), so most of you will know that it is a short sleeve kimono top with interesting panels and slits. The fabric included in this kit is some sort of waxed indigo blue cotton, and I love how bright the color is in person. The fabric has a wrinkled effect and can't be pressed and/or steamed as any other cotton, otherwise it will get stained. it also gets piercing marks so it must be handled with care. For this top I cut DP Studio's size 40 without any modification.
PT: Já fiz várias SoChicBox Léo (cliquem na etiqueta le514 e rolem para baixo após este artigo para verem as várias concretizações deste modelo), por isso a maioria de vós saberá que se trata um um top estilo kimono de manga curta com interessantes recortes e aberturas. No caso deste kit em particular, o tecido incluído é uma espéce de algodão encerado azul-indigo, uma cor muito viva e forte. O tecido tem um efeito engelhado e ao contrário de outros tecidos de algodão, não pode ser passado a ferro à vontade, pois o calor e vapor em demasia deixam manchas neste tecido. Também fica com os furos dos alfinetes marcados, pelo que deve ser trabalhado com cuidado. Para este top, cortei o tamanho DP Studio 40 sem alterações.
EN: The SoChicBox kits include enough fabric yardage to cut size 48 so usually I find enough fabric left from smaller size 40 to cut a complementary piece, like shorts or a mini-skirt.
PT: Os kits SoChicBox incluem tecido suficiente para cortar até o tamanho 48, por isso em geral, depois de cortar o tamanho 40, sobra-me tecido suficiente para cortar uma peça suplementar, como um par de calções ou mini-saia.
EN: The shorts are very simple, with straight waistband, front pleats towards the center, an invisible side seam zipper and slanted hip pockets:
PT: Os calções são um modelo bastante simples, com um cós direito, pregas na frente direcionadas para o meio, fecho invisível na costura lateral e bolsos laterais inclinados:
EN: The pattern is also a TNT (tried and trued) of mine; it's exactly the same pattern used for my red wide-leg pants (here) and green plaid pants (here), only I traced it from a BurdaStyle special edition magazine instead of the February 2013 issue, where there's the pants pattern and also this shorts version. This time I cut Burdastyle size 38, without any alteration.
PT: Este molde é também um velho conhecido, pois trata-se do mesmo usado nas minhas calças vermelhas (aqui) e nas calças ao xadrez verdes (aqui), só que desta vez tracei-o da revista BurdaStyle de Fevereiro 2013 (que inclui o molde em versão calça e calção), em vez da edição especial "Essencias do guarda-roupa". Desta vez cortei o tamanho BurdaStyle 38, também sem qualquer alteração.
EN: Here's the side pocket:
PT: Aqui têm o bolso na lateral:
EN: I am quite happy with this set, and, as I stated before, these kits (which include everything necessary to make the garment) are very convenient during confinement because all the notion/fabric stores are closed and specific notions may be hard to get. I've completed this set back on the 11th of April and you my be wondering why I haven't posted in quite a while,... It happens that I have been feeling a little bitterly about blogging lately... It came to my knowledge that my blogs content has been used without my consent. The story is not new: someone copies the content of a blog, translates it or not using available automatic web tools and posts it as their own, along with lots of ads, thus generating views and income with content that is not really theirs to start with. We, independent non-professional bloggers "bust our asses" (forgive me the expression) to produce content that we hope is appreciated and helpful to people with the same interests, and then these web vampires come and steal all your hard work.  It makes me ask why going through all this trouble? It made me feel really sad and willing to put this blog to an end, like so many of my blogging friends already did. If someone knows an effective way of dealing with these situations, please let me know. Thank you for the support.
PT: Fiquei bastante satisfeita com este conjunto e, como já aqui tenho referido, estes kits são bastante convenientes em tempos de confinamento, pois trazem tudo o que é necessário para confecionar as peças. Já tinha terminado este conjunto em 11 de Abril, no entanto ainda não me tinha dado vontade de o publicar (este e outras peças que tenho feito), porque estou um pouco desiludida com isto dos blogues,... Chegou ao meu conhecimento que o conteúdo dos meus blogues tem sido usado sem o meu consentimento. A história não é nova: pegam no conteúdo, copiam-no, podem traduzi-lo automáticamente usando tradutores automáticos, e publicam-no como sendo deles, em páginas pejadas de anúncios para ganhar dinheiro com o tráfego que depois é redirecionado para lá. Nós, os "blogueiros" independentes e não-profissionais, esfalfamo-nos a aproduzir conteúdo com intenção de ajudar as pessoas com interesses semelhantes e estes "vampiros" roubam-nos e aproveitam-se disso para ganhar dinheiro. Esta situação faz-me sentir mesmo triste e sem grande vontade de publicar; até estou a considerar terminar os blogues de uma vez por todas. Entretanto, se alguém souber de uma forma eficaz de lidar com esta situação, por favor deixem um comentário. Obrigada.


Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

really cute outfit, love the color. And so sorry to hear about the stealing of your blog content, that's very upsetting. I hope you can continue blogging if you like doing it, your blog is so informative and I'm inspired by your sewing. Take care and sending a hug from California.

Mizdd said...

I am sorry this happened to you - I would miss your blog and love your sewing information. You have wonderful taste in clothes. The projects are always inspiring.

Mizdd said...

Thank you for continuing your blog. You have wonderful taste in clothes and Your projects are inspiring.

Denise said...

I love your blog, please don’t stop.
I enjoy seeing the garments construction techniques.
Plus the choice of fabrics.

Mary Katherine said...

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I love your creative makes and find a lot of pleasure in your techniques.

There are resources out there that can keep thieves from right-clicking and pasting your content on their sites as well as ways to watermark your photos to prevent that theft, too. There are plug-ins that can flag their copying and posting of your content as duplicate which will make it show up lower on search engines, too.

Again, it's hard to understand why people are horrible this way, but there are ways you can make it more difficult for them. Best of luck to you!

badmomgoodmom said...

I'm so sorry that your blog content was stolen. That happened to me and it was so upsetting. A violation.

I got advice from a friend who works at Google and here's what I did (back in 2011.)

Lovely top. The asymmetry elevates it even further.

Colo Heather said...

I just love your blog, and was hoping the hiatus did not indicate you were ill! I've learned a lot and look forward to each inspiring post It is hard for me to understand how a person could live with their dishonesty and the deception of stealing your posts! Or anyone's. I wonder if there is a way to embed a "watermark" that cannot be removed, across the pages?

Anonymous said...

Good morning! As always beautiful inspiring post. It‘s terrible to hear that your content has been stolen! Web vampires is right! I hope you continue anyway - as long as you enjoy it. Your sewing is very inspiring and I look forward to your posts!

Susan Snow said...

Please don't stop your wonderful, informative blogs. When I read them I aspire to sew things as beautiful as you. You make me want to try more difficult projects. I have bought some of the patterns you have made and when the Covid is hopefully behind us, and our fabric shops are open again I hope to get the things I need to get going on some of these projects. Please keep safe, all the best to you and your family, and keep blogging and showing us your wonderful makes. There will always be nasty people out there, like those who stole your content, but we must rise above them and don't let them bring us down.

Jen L said...

The easiest way to get infringing content removed is to file a DMCA takedown complaint with the copier’s ISP. This means you need to find out who is hosting the site. Try searching forinfo on the infringing site on the database. Hopefully the host is listed. Reputable hosting companies should have a DMCA complaint process. Infringing content should be removed in 48 hours after a complaint is made. (DMCA is U.S. terminology, other countries may have other names for the process). I have been able to get infringing content removed worldwide, but the caveat is that some countries enforce online content rights better than others. Best of luck!

Tany said...

Hi guys, I did some research and the site that is currently taking advantage of my content without my consent is a notorious website scrapper called I'm guessing if they weren't shut down by other legit content creators until now, little me won't be able to do much about it,... I will dig some more though. Thank you all for coming forward.