Recebi Correio! – I got Mail!

Olhem só o que recebi no correio!
Check out what I got in the mail!

Devo dizer que estes livros me vão permitir melhorar duas coisas: a qualidade da minha costura e o meu vocabulário técnico de costura em Inglês! Estou mesmo contente, já estava à espera de receber estes livro há muito! Quando puder, vou falar detalhadamente de cada um deles! Entretanto tenho estado muito ocupada: já cortei o forro e amanhã conto escrever sobre esse procedimento. Os meus agradecimentos à LMH por me ter indicado estes livros!
I’m sure these books will upgrade both my sewing skills and my english sewing vocabulary! I’m truly excited; I was expecting this package for quite a long time! I’ll try to review each one of these books soon. I’ve already found out two things, just as I was passing my eyes through “Couture, the Art of Fine Sewing”: the proper name for the white thread I intend to use on topstitching is “Buttonhole Twist”! The other thing is that what I call thread basting is a common couture procedure named “Thread Tracing”. From now on I’ll be using the proper name! In the meanwhile, I’ve been very busy: the lining is cut and tomorrow I plan to write about it. Thank you LMH for the tips on these books!

Até amanhã!
See you tomorrow!

5 comments: said...

Oh, you got them--hooray! They're great books; you'll like them! (Although the clothes in the Carr book will probably make you cringe. I can't stand to look at them!)

Liana said...

Great books, I agree. You'll love the Roberta Carr especially, I think.

I just tagged you on my blog. Take a look!

Erica Bunker said...

What great books. Fabulous addition to your sewing library.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tany,
I like your blog so much that I decided to read through your old postings :) Did you like these books and would you recommend them?

Tany said...

Hi Anna! Yes, I do recommend these books! The Roberta Carr's book is very good (you can find a lot of subjects there, like thread tracing, French darts, pressing equipment/techniques, special kinds of bound buttonholes, etc). The Tayloring book is great too because it goes through 3 methods on making tailored jackets: cutom, machine and fusible. I must have if you plan on making a tailored jacket. The Great Sewn Clothes book is a compilation of some past Threads articles, and it features a LOT of Couture techniques!