Introducing BCN Unique patterns by Paco Peralta (English version)

(O artigo traduzido em Português será publicado em breve está publicado aqui)

There's no secret that me and Paco Peralta are long time friends and that I admire his work tremendously. Today I'd like to introduce you the patterns he creates and sells on his Etsy shop BCN Unique patterns and again, I'm doing this review because I truly admire his work and I love his patterns (I've sewn quite a few of them always with an excellent outcome; as I write this article I’m sewing his latest pattern, the Cassock coat). This is not a sponsored post by all means, I just want to highlight my friend's outstanding job as an independent pattern maker and let my readers know what to expect when buying one of his patterns.

First let me introduce the designer Paco Peralta: He's a Spanish couturier and sewing/fashion blogger and through the past few years he has been sharing his creations and invaluable knowledge on his blog BCN-UNIQUE, publishing several tutorials and articles on both couture and tailoring techniques along with insights and articles featuring his favorite designers and patterns. His tutorials are usually published in Spanish (his native language) and English. Some of my favorite tutorials and the ones I refer to the most are

Traditional Coat Tailoring techniques (sew-in interfacing, pad-stitching, etc.) 

Constructing a jacket the industrial way (how to use speed tailoring methods like fusible interfacings, bagging the lining, etc., to obtain a professional looking end product) 

His entire series on pockets 

Make your own interfacing stay tape (for the armholes, necklines, etc.).

There are many more,...

Now let’s address some facts about BCN Unique patterns: 

- Paco’s designs are timeless, classy and reflect the designer's minimalist aesthetic

- The patterns were produced using traditional Couture methods (model sketch, first pattern, muslin test garment, fitting on a dressform, fitting on a living model, final adjustments and final test garment made from fashion fabric) 

- Each pattern is hand-copied from the original, and by sewing this garment you are guaranteed to obtain a handcrafted exclusive garment.

- The patterns are traced on high quality tracing paper (stiffer and stronger than tissue paper) and include seam allowances and hem allowances; when necessary, there are separate pattern pieces for the lining, or special tracing lines that will allow you to trace the lining yourself. Each pattern piece is correctly identified and there are notches and indications to help figuring out how to assemble the final garment.

(part of the Cassock coat pattern, after cutting the fabric)

- Each pattern is either provided in three sizes, one size fitting an array of sizes or one individual size (if the pattern is more complex). Some patterns are also available in plus sizes. All information about sizing is provided.
- Along with the paper pattern you get the model sketch, yardage information, preferred fabrics list and other relevant information; also included are the designer’s sew-on woven label and calling card.

(items included in Funghi cape pattern)

- These patterns ship internationally (shipping policies and rates are available on the Etsy shop)

- According to my personal experience and several other reviews, these patterns are very well drafted; all the pieces fit together and I've never encountered any flaw in them. I've been sewing since I was 12; in all my years of experience I've sewn many Burda Magazine patterns, quite a few Vogue patterns, Patrones magazine patterns, Simplicity's and also Marfy patterns. I feel qualified enough to attest the quality of BCN Unique patterns comparing them to the best of the commercially available products in the market. Their exclusiveness and the final garment's exquisite cut and fit are given qualities of these patterns. Paco's many years of pattern making experience really show in his Unique Designer creations.

I have many examples of hand-made garments made from these patterns; I'm wrapping up with links to some of my favorites:

T-coat (link to my post about the making of the coat):
Draped Tunic (link to my post on the making of the tunic):
Unique jacket (link yo my post on the making of the jacket):
Half-circle skirt (link to my post on the making of the skirt):
Double-face cape (a gift, hand-made by the designer himself):

Thank you all for reading!!!


Faye Lewis said...

Tany thanks for sharing all of Paco's links. You know that I am very interested in them but none of the links work for me????

patsijean said...

Tany, I am a long time reader of your blog and an owner of several of Paco's patterns. I agree with Faye Lewis. The links are not working for me either.

Tany said...

Thank you both for letting me know. I've tried to fix the links (substituted the .es by .com) and it seems to be working. Let me know if there's any more problems with the links

tinyjunco said...

Just found your blog today and what a treat! I have been admiring Paco Peralta's designs and peoples' makes from them for years now. I have yet to order from him, as my wardrobe aesthetic is very particular and so far i haven't settled on the right design (though the apron skirt keeps pulling to the fore).

It is wonderful to see his pattern pieces (the circle markings are adorable! who puts that much expression into a simple circle? an artist, that's who!) as well as all the supporting materials he includes. Gorgeous and well thought out.

Your makes are spectacular. And "Double-face cape (a gift, hand-made by the designer himself)" Goodness gracious, you lucky woman! Thank you for a great post, steph

Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

HI Tany - great post and I will have to try one of his patterns for a coat or jacket - the shapes are fantastic. Your photos are so beautiful of your past creations.

Faye Lewis said...

Thanks for fixing. They will be of great help!

Bunny said...

Paco definitely is the gold standard of patterns. Thank you for featuring his wonderful designs and tutorials. He is an amazing resource.

Unknown said...

I ordered one of his patterns recently and can't wait to sew it up!

Kelly said...

Those are beautiful patterns. Congrats to Paco.

kushami said...

Hello Tany,
Just wondering whether you would happen to know about the sizing given in the Etsy shop – I can't work out if it is body sizing or finished garment measurements.
Probably a stupid question that is obvious to the seasoned sewer!

Tany said...

Kushami, it's body measurements, as far as I know! Hope it helps!