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Retro-style neoprene bikini (Evie La Luve's Mimi bikini pattern and kit)

EN Summary: Up for reviewing today is Evie La Luve's latest pattern release, the Mimi bikini; I've made it using one of Evie La Luve's kits (pattern and kit both purchased from her Etsy shop). Keep reading the complete sewing review. --- PT Sumário: Hoje tenho para vos mostrar o bikini Mimi, o último lançamento da Evie La Luve; usei um kit também comprado na loja Etsy Evie La Luve para o fazer. Continuem a ler o artigo completo para saberem todos os detalhes.

Great Giveaway going on at Victoria's - Um Giveaway fantástico no blog da Victoria

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Está a decorrer um "Giveaway" fantástico no blog da Victoria, "Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing", se quiserem participar é até ao fim do mês. As instruções de participação encontram-se aqui. Boa sorte!

There's a great Giveaway going on at Victoria's blog "Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing"! The Giveaway ends by the end of the month, so hurry! You can read all about it here. Good luck!


Victoria said…
Thanks Tany for spreading the word---how kind of you:) BTW, I'm still salivating over your Camel coat!
Tany said…
You're welcome, Victoria!

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