Estou a pensar Vermelho. E vocês? - I’m thinking Red. What about you?

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Este post é dedicado a todas as mulheres que adoram vermelho. O meu desafio, se o quiserem aceitar, é escreverem sobre a vossa cor favorita, os vossos trabalhos nessa cor, os vossos modelos favoritos, etc.
This post is dedicated to every woman who loves Red. My challenge, case you choose to accept it, is this: write about your favorite color, your projects in this color, your favorite models, your wish list in that color, etc.
Fui inspirada por este post da Tuesday onde ela fala sobre o Verde e pela Summerset que partilha comigo o gosto pelo vermelho.
I was inspired by this post by Tuesday where she writes about the color Green and by Summerset (I know Red is her favorite color too!)

As figuras seguintes são de um fato que fiz para ir à festa de casamento da minha irmã em Julho passado:
The next two pictures are from a red outfit I made to attend to my sister's wedding party on last July:

As calças são da Burda 05/2006, modelo 108:
The trousers were made using BWOF 05/2006 model 108:
O tecido usado é uma espécie de sarja de algodão/lycra com elasticidade na largura e encolheu bastante na primeira lavagem antes de cortar; também largou alguma tinta vermelha, mas depois de lavado ficou mais suave e bastou passar com bastante vapor para ficar com um aspecto perfeitamente liso. Cortei as calças um pouco mais curtas e acrescentei-lhes uma beira em croché na bainha:
The fabric is stretch cotton/lycra twill, and it shrunk a lot on the first wash. This fabric became softer and easier to handle after being washed; all it took was a good steam pressing before cutting. I shortened the hem and I added a crocheted lace I made:
O top em croché feito por mim:
This is the crochet top:

E também a écharpe:
And here is the red organza scarf:
Podem ver também, por curiosidade, as sandálias a condizer que usei nesse dia:
In the next picture there are the matching red sandals that I wore along with the outfit:

E agora os modelos que desejo fazer ou comprar em vermelho, tenho este fabuloso casaco Armani (bem conhecido de algumas de vós):
Now for my Red Wish List there is this Knockoff Armani Coat, well known by many of you:
Pode ser feito usando o molde 8307 da Vogue Patterns.
This coat can be made using Vogue 8307 pattern.

Também adoro esta camisa da Mango (conseguem ver as molas forradas?):
I also love this red Mango Blouse (can you see the covered snaps?):

Não posso esquecer de mencionar o modelo de designer que a Tini me enviou:
There's also the designer pattern that I received from Tini:

E finalmente, o meu próximo projecto será refazer a minha blusa de organza vermelha, desta vez usando organza 100% seda natural (obrigada Els!).
Finally, next in my to do list is the remake of my red organza blouse, this time using 100% silk organza (thank you Els!).

E agora, qual é a vossa cor favorita? Quais são as vossas roupas favoritas nessa cor (feitas por vocês ou não)? Que roupas gostariam de ter ou fazer nessa cor? Espero ter notícias vossas!
Now, what is your favorite color? What are your favorite garments in that color? What's on your wish list? I hope to ear from you!


A Els deixou um comentário com este link fabuloso:; trata-se de um conjunto de cerca de 131 fotografias de todo o mundo, cada uma com uma versão do mesmo vestido vermelho. O molde foi redesenhado de um vestido de 1950 da colecção de um museu Holandês e qualquer pessoa podia pedir o molde e fazer o vestido em vermelho. Houve uma exposição pública com todos estes vestidos! Cliquem em “results” no topo para verem todos estes vestidos!
Els pointed out this fabulous link:; it's a set of 131 red dresses, all made from the same pattern! The pattern was redesigned from a 1950 dress from a collection of a Dutch museum and a woman could order that pattern and make a red dress. There are pictures from all over the world. There was an exhibition too. To see the 131 red dresses just click on “results” at the top of the page!

Respostas ao desafio: Responses to the challenge:



Mamã Martinho said...

Adorei o modelo que Tini te enviou. Simplesmente divinal! Agora uma pergunta "indiscreta". Vais fazer a racha como vem no modelo? Apesar de achar que fica mesmo bem, não usaria uma racha tão grande!



PS- Vou aceitar o desafio, só não garanto que seja hoje

Marita said...

WOW!!! Red is one of my fave's also, along with dark olive, cocoa brown etc. I love most colors, it's so hard to decide which one would be the best, LOL!!!
Happy women's day to you too<3

are those Sara Navarro shoes?

Tany said...

Monica: Obrigada, vou aguardar a tua resposta!
Marita: I wish they were (I love Sara Navarro shoes), they are just a pair of cute Zara shoes... They are still my favorite red shoes, though!

Tini said...

ooooh, how I sometimes wish to speak more languages ( no, I don't speak Portugese and I think that another language is beyond my skill [remember I just started learning Danish next to English, French and German])
I love your red outfit. Unfortunately I don't have time today but I'll post a pic of my red outfit on my blog :)

Tany said...

Tini: Monica said that she thinks the designer model is divine and she is asking me if I'm keeping that huge side slit when I make that garment! ;)

Annika said...

My favorite color is blue, but I absolutely adore red, especially dark cherry colors. Your crochet top is fantastic - I am in awe.

Tany said...

Thank you Annika and be welcome to Couture et Tricot!

stacy said...

That is such a lovely top you made - it's so beautiful on you. I'm love how everyone is doing color inspirations!

Crystal said...

Your red outfit is great! And I love your wishlist. Red is such a fabulous color!

Summerset said...

Thanks for the shout out, Tany!

Gorgeous! I do love a red outfit! Your wedding party outfit was fantastic - great way to combine both sewing and crochet. The shoes are perfect. You already know I love that suit! A red coat - hmmm I need a full length dress coat . . . now would be the time to look for wool on sale . . .

I just realized that I have 3 red dresses, plus I finished two red art to wear ensembles last year!

Anonymous said...

Great wedding outfit and such a beautiful tan.
For some inspiration about "The red dress" a Dutch project which took place last year. Woman could order a pattern and make a red dress. lots of pictures to see HTTP://WWW.REDDRESS.NL/

Laura said...

Great outfit, Tany, I envy your crocheting and knitting skills!
Red is my favorite color too (I'm latin and have dark hair so it's kind of natural to like red:)), especially when paired with black and white.
Laura Lo

Isabelle said...

What a fabulous outfit you made to attend your sister's wedding! I love dressing in red. I'm making a vintage red dress right now.

Done By Tuesday said...

Tany! I love love love the outfit you made, it's so gorgeous! Very sexy and sophisticated ;) I'm going to answer your challenge ;) (probably tomorrow or Monday though LOL). I love your wishlist!! You have such nice taste :D

Maja said...

Tany, you're too talented for words! Your crocheting is perfect. I love your red outfit!

Red is on of my favourite colours too, I also like greens and pinks.

Summerset said...

That's a great link! Thanks, Tany for posting it and thanks to Els for mentioning it!

I also found one red skirt, two red sweaters and a red t-shirt in my wardrobe this morning that I had forgotten about! Ooops.

Isabelle said...

I just responded to your challenge, then on coming back here I realized it should have been on my favourite colour - blue - and not on red! Never mind, it is my second favourite :)

Anonymous said...

Tany what I find really amazing is your knitting and chrochet skills are as good as advanced you sewing skills! I love that red halter top. I need to make sure my 10 year old daughter *doesn't* see it because she will ask for one. Phyllis

Tany said...

Thank you all for the nice comments and for participating!
Phyllis: When I was ten I was making a lot of hand sewn garments for my dolls! At the age of twelve I did my first wearable garment, all by myself, I traced the pattern from a Burda Magazine. I remember doing crochet and knitting at the time too. 10 is a wonderful age to begin sewing/crocheting/knitting, if your daughter is willing to learn!

Marji said...

Add me to the Red Club. (although right now it seems I'm fixated on sewing with purple and turquoise)

Love the outfit you wore to the wedding. You absolutely must make a red coat. In fact, we should start a Red Coat trend for next winter - and start them in the fall.

Tany said...

Marji: That's a great idea, a Red Coat trend!! Count me in!

Done By Tuesday said...

Tany, I'm STILL getting around to the challenge *sigh* ROFL...but, that update link is GREAT!