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Style Muse: Miss Fisher (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)

EN Summary: Today I want to share a character that has caused a great impact on me style-wise: the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (a free spirit and private detective in the 20's) masterfully interpreted by actress Essie Davies. The style of this character has blown me away. Keep reading to see a compilation of Pinterest gathered photos of Mish Fisher's outfits. Enjoy! --- PT Sumário: Hoje quero partilhar uma personagem que me causou um grande impacto em termos de inspiração e estilo: A Honorável Miss Pryne Fisher (um espírito livre e detetive privada nos anos 20), magistralmente interpretada pela atriz Essie Davies. O estilo desta personagem absorveu-me completamente. Continuem a ler para uma seleção de fotos dos looks da Miss Fisher, retiradas do Pinterest. Espero que gostem!

As costuras depois de lavadas – Seams after being washed

A Marita perguntou qual seria o comportamento destas costuras depois de lavar. O que a preocupa é se as costuras se mantêm abertas e se não vai haver problema depois ao passá-las a ferro. Para verificar o que acontece nesta situação (uma vez que eu própria desconheço o comportamento destas costuras depois de lavadas), molhei o tecido, escorri-o e enxuguei-o com uma toalha e depois sequei-o com o ferro. As fotos ilustram a sequência do processo:
Marita wanted to know if I was going to tack these seams; she worries they might not stay flat after washing. She also wonders how these seams will behave when pressed after washing. Since I was left wondering the same, I decided to make a test right away; I washed my swatch and rinsed it gently with a towel; then I used the iron to press it and dry it completely. Next pictures are a sequence illustrating the procedure:

Depois deste teste fico mais descansada!
Now I can rest my mind!


toya said…
wow, another great post, I'm happy you found the right seam
what a great idea to test it! You are GOOD! Better than good and I enjoy reading about your process!
marita said…
OK,OK, you convinced me, LOL!!!!thank you:-) oh, btw do you know the fiber content, or is it a mystery, have you made burn test?
I can be persistent, HUH??? sorry, DD want's this too and we're still hunting for the fabric:-(
Tany said…
Marita: It's Ok, lol, I'm as persistent as you are!! And I'm glad to help too! I asked for the fiber content when I bought the fashion fabric (sometimes I forget to ask but not this time), it's a 65% polyester 35% rayon blend. It shines a little and its natural wrinkles don't disapear when pressing. If you chose another type of fabric you may not have to underline it and use this seam method. I'm only doing this to prevent see-through and also because I don't like to see the ivory seam inside if I did a regular hong kong finish. Just listen to your fabric!

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