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Retro-style neoprene bikini (Evie La Luve's Mimi bikini pattern and kit)

EN Summary: Up for reviewing today is Evie La Luve's latest pattern release, the Mimi bikini; I've made it using one of Evie La Luve's kits (pattern and kit both purchased from her Etsy shop). Keep reading the complete sewing review. --- PT Sumário: Hoje tenho para vos mostrar o bikini Mimi, o último lançamento da Evie La Luve; usei um kit também comprado na loja Etsy Evie La Luve para o fazer. Continuem a ler o artigo completo para saberem todos os detalhes.

Wearing the Couture Denim Jacket for the first time! - A estrear a Jaqueta Alta-Costura de ganga!

EN: More photos of this look @ Tany et La Mode, click here!
PT Mais fotos deste look @ Tany et La Mode, cliquem aqui!


Bunny said…
Fabulous and the combo is so sophisticated. It looks great on you, Tany.
Congratulations Tany for this tremendous labour of love !!! I want to be like you whan I am a big girl lol
Vicki said…
Beautiful, just beautiful Tany!
patsijean said…
The entire outfit is wonderful. I love both especially the jacket.
Mary said…
Brava, Tany!! All your hard work really paid off. The result is absolutely gorgeous, and I know you must have enjoyed the whole process.
MAD14kt said…
Audrey said…
Such a fabulous jacket. I love it worn with the feminine, print dress.
Andy Du said…
Ficou impecável e assenta na perfeição! Parabéns!

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