2012#6 - Baby polo sweater

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Viva queridas leitoras e leitores, há algum tempo que não passo por aqui (é por falta de tempo e não por falta de vontade). Com o progredir da gravidez aumentam as consultas, exames, aulas de preparação para o parto, preparativos, etc. e além do mais continuo a trabalhar. Sei que isto não é nada, depois do bebé nascer é que vão ser elas…
Esta sweater foi publicada na revista Phildar Layette nº 449 (edição francesa) que poderão encontrar facilmente no PicasaWeb, se estiverem interessadas.
Modifiquei alguns aspectos do modelo, eliminando os cordões de atar e substituindo-os por botões. Também coloquei um botão extra na parte de trás do colarinho, para o manter dobrado no lugar.

O fio que usei é o REGATA da Rosarios4 (100% algodão, 100g = 275m).

Conclusão: Gostei bastante e tenciono aproveitar as instruções para fazer pelo menos outro polo do mesmo género! Beijinhos e obrigada por passarem aqui!

Hi there, dear friends and readers! It has been a while since my last post (due mainly to lack of time). As my pregnancy progresses to near the due date, there are more doctor appointments, more exams, prenatal classes, etc. and adding to all that I’m still working full time (and I will continue to work while I feel up to it, keeping busy is better for me). And this is nothing compared to what is said to be coming after giving birth…
This sweater model was published in Phildar Layette nº 449 (in French), which can be found on PicasaWeb, if you’re interested.
I altered a few details: went for small colored buttons instead of the strings and also added a button on the back of the collar to keep it in place.

The yarn used was once again from ROSARIOS4 (a Portuguese brand); it’s called REGATA, a nice 100% cotton yarn (3.50 oz = 299 yds) which knits beautifully.

Conclusion: I’m very happy with the end result and plan on using this model again, at least once more.
Thank you so much for visiting, I’ll be back as soon as I can!


Summerset said…
This is totally adorabe! Each sweater is cuter than the last one. Hope you're still doing well - not much longer now!
Karin said…
So cute! You are knitting some adorable sweaters.
Sigrid said…
Adorable and sweet. It's difficult with those hot summer days, stay cool.
Adrienne said…
Super cute!!! I was thinking about you earlier!
RhondaBuss said…
Such a sweet sweater and I love how you picked up the color blocking in the buttons.
lorenabr said…
That is adorable - love it!
eu AMEI! lindo D+ , quando ele usar coloca para eu ver? bjs Jubi
esse bebê vai ser muito fashion as roupas estão lindas parabéns.
gosto mais ainda de vir aqui
Gail said…
Does this mean a boy? Adorable jumper. Stay well.
Tany said…
Gail: Thanks and yes, it's a boy! We've known for sure for quite some time because I made an amniocentesis earlier in my pregnancy due to being over 35 years old (we were reassured that all is fine with the baby, and knowing the gender ahead with 100% certainty was a little bonus).

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