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Style Muse: Miss Fisher (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)

EN Summary: Today I want to share a character that has caused a great impact on me style-wise: the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (a free spirit and private detective in the 20's) masterfully interpreted by actress Essie Davies. The style of this character has blown me away. Keep reading to see a compilation of Pinterest gathered photos of Mish Fisher's outfits. Enjoy! --- PT Sumário: Hoje quero partilhar uma personagem que me causou um grande impacto em termos de inspiração e estilo: A Honorável Miss Pryne Fisher (um espírito livre e detetive privada nos anos 20), magistralmente interpretada pela atriz Essie Davies. O estilo desta personagem absorveu-me completamente. Continuem a ler para uma seleção de fotos dos looks da Miss Fisher, retiradas do Pinterest. Espero que gostem!

Wearing the Couture Denim Jacket for the first time! - A estrear a Jaqueta Alta-Costura de ganga!

EN: More photos of this look @ Tany et La Mode, click here!
PT Mais fotos deste look @ Tany et La Mode, cliquem aqui!


Bunny said…
Fabulous and the combo is so sophisticated. It looks great on you, Tany.
Congratulations Tany for this tremendous labour of love !!! I want to be like you whan I am a big girl lol
Vicki said…
Beautiful, just beautiful Tany!
patsijean said…
The entire outfit is wonderful. I love both especially the jacket.
Mary said…
Brava, Tany!! All your hard work really paid off. The result is absolutely gorgeous, and I know you must have enjoyed the whole process.
MAD14kt said…
Audrey said…
Such a fabulous jacket. I love it worn with the feminine, print dress.
Andy Du said…
Ficou impecável e assenta na perfeição! Parabéns!

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